About London Universal

London Universal is a California registered company since 1978. We are a supplier of quarried granite and for architectural projects.

London Universal was the first company to introduce agglomerate marble tiles from Europe to US department stores in the early 80’s. We offered a unique calibrated marble tile with uniform thickness for their main aisles and were able to thin set them.

Macy’s flagship store in Union Square, San Francisco was the first install the new marble tile. Ten new Macy’s department stores throughout Californian used these new tiles on their aisles. Filene’s of Boston (8 stores), Dillard’s Department stores (60 stores), Neiman Marcus (San Diego), Calvin Klein (Madison Ave), I.Magnin, Lazarus Stores, Rich’s, Emporium, Buffums and Ivey’s to name a few, all used this new European calibrated tile. J W Marriott, Hyatt, and Sheraton were among our clients too. The Stoneridge Shopping Mall (see below) in Pleasanton, CA used 100,000 sq ft of the European agglomerate marble tile that was cut to a specific pattern size.

Now granite cobblestones are an integral part of London Universal’s product range at www.ecobblestone.com
Starting in 2000 we supplied an Equestrian Center in Albuquerque, NM with 50,000 sq ft of 4×4” cobbles for their driveway and courtyard entrance. Then the historic Carolands Mansion, Hillsborough, CA embarked on a 20,000 sq ft project using our 9”x5”x5” cobblestones for the four driveway entrances (see web site photos of installation).

Streetscape Revitalization, utilizing granite cobblestones to restore that aged appearance, is taking place in many older US cities where the downtown areas are being redesigned as community hubs for shopping, dining and people watching, very similar to many European cities. Our company supplied the cobblestones and granite curbing for the revitalization of historic Sutter Street, Folsom, CA (see web site photos).

Reclaimed Cobblestones that originally arrived on sailing ships from Europe as ballast, were used for road construction at East and West Coast seaports. Today they are part of London Universal’s product range. As the infrastructure of cities improve and redevelopment occurs, these “aged” cobblestones are being recycled for stately driveway and courtyard entrances.

Our company can supply to most US zip codes either by flat bed truck or container delivery. Custom sizes are available direct from the quarry for specific projects provided there is time for production and overseas shipping. Granite curbing and granite cobblestones are also available from US quarries that meet Leed specifications, or municipal purchasing requirements for local source granite, and custom sizes and surface finishes, flamed or natural split face, are available too.

Large projects are our specialty at London Universal. We also supply projects of 1+ truckloads (700-1,000 sq ft) depending on the cobblestone size. Delivery can be as short as 2-10 days dependent on the zip code delivery, and quarry production ranges from 2-6 weeks dependent on the quantity and delivery location.

As a privately owned company we have worked to keep our reputation for quality, service and reliability, and this has proven to be a valuable asset since 1978. We will endeavor to maintain our reputation with your contract too. Please ask for references from our past clients, and we look forward to working with you on your project.