London Universal, a California company since 1978, provides quality granite cobblestones, Belgium block, Reclaimed European cobblestones, granite curbing, and flamed granite pavers. These are presented on our website at www.ecobblestone.com

London Universal was the first company to introduce agglomerate marble to the US market and supplied marble tiles to the department stores in the 80’s for their main aisles. Macy’s, Filenes, Neiman Marcus, Dillards, to name a few were our clients. CLICK FOR DETAILS

Since 2000 our focus has shifted to hardscape granite cobblestones, reclaimed/used cobblestones as well as traditionally quarried hand-cut cobblestones, ADA compliant flamed granite cobblestones and pavers. Below are products we offer on our web site www.ecobblestone.com

Belgium Block

The client was looking for a driveway with a vintage appearance that complemented her ranch style home. She particularly wanted to hear that ‘cobble’ sound. The charcoal grey 9”x5”x5” cobblestones gave her the ‘look’ and ‘sound’ she wanted. CLICK FOR DETAILS


The taupe/grey with a hint of Burgundy appeal to landscape architects and designers who are looking for that aged look — cobblestones with ‘character’ — and a color palette of taupe/grey that works well with stone cladding and roof colors. These cobbles are 200+ year old with a worn weathered appearance. CLICK FOR DETAILS


ADA compliant, these cobblestones have a flamed top surface with split sides that provide character compared to a sawn edge format. These pavers have been installed at colleges and universities in the US where wheelchair access is required. Shown here is the black paver that has a rich deep color when wet. CLICK FOR DETAILS


The 4”x4”x4” granite cobblestones, allow for installers to create circular designs similar to those in European piazzas and roads. In this installation, the client was able to create a fairly detailed layout in combination with 10”x7” border edge. CLICK FOR DETAILS


These are cut to size at the quarry factory for the specification of the project. Split face height is from 12” to 24” at 4” – 6” thickness, and the top surface is either sawn, flamed or split face. The above photo was taken prior to installation at Folsom, California for the revitalization of the Stutter Street project. CLICK FOR DETAILS